Cygnet News

w/e 6.1.23

It was lovely to welcome the children back to school and wish them a Happy New Year. They enjoyed seeing their Cygnet friends again and sharing their experiences of celebrating Christmas, New Year and the Holiday. We eased gently into the short week. Some of the children really stood out by showing kindness towards others and this really helped everyone to get used to the school routine again. The children shared their Christmas Kindness Countdowns. It is really great to hear how the children are developing their confidence and independence and are making a valued contribution to help others.

We revised the phonics we have learned so far and started to use our phonics skills to recount our holidays. The children were excited to discover and share the new books in our reading corner about polar regions and also to revisit our favourite books. In maths we learned about zero and compared numbers to 5 by playing a fun card game. The children are getting better at subtilising numbers; being able to recognise how many objects by sight without having to carefully count the number.

We talked about the New Year and that it is a special time to reflect, plan and think of changes we can do to try new actives and to lead healthier lives. We talked about resolutions as being like wishes. We read The fish Who Could Wish by John Bush. The children enjoyed looking at the detailed illustrations and enjoyed the humour in the story. We also read The Three Wishes by Joanne Harrison. We had fun in our first PE lesson of the year based on the theme of the circus. We travelled carefully like trapeze artists, tight rope walkers and jugglers and then we used our balancing skills to move carefully along a bench. We tried a new activity by taking part in the Karate taster lesson.