Cygnet News

w/e 9.12.22

In our Phonics this week we have been learning to build, read and write words with the letters k,l,r and u and the high frequency word are.

We have been learning about 4 sided shapes and time in maths. We went for a shape hunt to spot squares and rectangles. We learned that squares are special rectangles because their sides are of equal length. We carefully drew round shapes to make pictures and described them. We had lots of fun doing the Body Beat song which helped us count up to 5 and back again. We learned the days of the week song and sung When I got dressed. We enjoyed listening to Peace At Last by Jill Murphy and discussed what we do in the day time and what we do at night time.

In our SCARF lessons this week we have been learning about friendships and kindness. We made a poster of kind words and thought about kind actions we could see in our class. We have been learning about difference this term and have talked about us celebrating different things in different ways. This week we learned that Hindus celebrate Diwali the Festival of Lights. We talked about light being used in lots of different celebrations; birthdays, Christmas, Bonfire Night, Halloween, and how light makes us feel. We made little candle holders like diyas with clay.

We waited for a break in the weather and had fun doing the Santa dash around the track in our Christmas jumpers.

Our PE theme was monsters and we had to copy our monster partner’s movements and shapes and move together and stop together. We played a game of monster chase where we had to move and stop safely.

It was lovely to see some of the Cygnet families at the Christmas Cracker event to round off our week. There were plenty of smiles on the children’s faces as they enjoyed being at school in the evening with friends and families surrounded by lots of twinkly lights.