Cygnet News

W/e 04.11.22

We started the half term with Halloween fun. There was lots of excitement as the class filled with amazing skeletons, witches, monsters, corpse brides, pumpkins and a wizard. We listened to Funny Bones and went into the Spooky House to look at an illustration from our new focus book the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell in the dark with torches. The children described the scene and talked about how the baby owls felt. We thought about what might happen next in the story and this prompted us to learn the new word ”nocturnal” and we thought about different nocturnal animals. The light from the torches made us feel safe and some of the skeleton costumes glowed in the dark. We looked at a group of pumpkins and compared their sizes. One of the children scooped out the pumpkin seeds and painted a Spider Man face on the pumpkin. We looked at the lantern lit up in the dark Spooky House. We have been thinking about this half term’s school value of collaboration. We read Meg and Mog by Hellen Nicoll about the witches making a spell together and in Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper, we learned about the animals working together to make soup. Some of the children collaborated to make a game up with cauldrons and potion ingredients. In the outside area a large group of children collaborated to make a very long train track to a mud volcano which erupted onto the train. The children have really enjoyed listening to Meg and Mog books. The children learned about mixing yellow and red to make shades of orange for painting pumpkin pictures.

In maths this week we have been doing number work. We have been representing numbers 1,2 and 3. We looked at how the numbers are represented in Arno’s Counting book. We made collections of objects to represent the numbers and our own zigzag number books. We had lots of fun making up a game with 1,2,3 by throwing wellies into the tyres and recording the scores on our blackboard. We listened to Eric Carle’s 1,2,3 to the Zoo counting book.

We enjoyed listening to a variety of stories in our Spooky House including our favourite Little Rabbit Fou Fou. There was also a witches and wizards theme to our PE this week as we practised moving safely changing directions and avoiding each other as we flew around the PE hall on broomsticks, casting spells and dodging cauldrons.

In Phonics we continued to build words with the letters we have learned so far including n,o and p. We played the sound swap game and read our first sentences. We learned to read the high frequency words is and a.