Cygnet News

w/e 1.07.22

In maths this week we have been problem solving based on ideas we have read. We explored addition and subtraction problems through Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs, combining different numbers combinations to make the totals 6,8 and 10 in Mr Gumpy’s Outing, and the total of 12 in How Many Legs and predicting numbers in Who Sank the Boat? We had lots of fun floating our boats and testing them with our teddy passengers. We did lots of problem solving activities outside using our maths skills. Including a challenge where we needed to move a group across the playground using 2 planks. This game put us in good stead for one of the Sports day activities.

On Tuesday we all had lots of fun when we took part in Sports Day. We tried lots of new activities and worked with different children from other classes of the school. The favourite activity for Cygnets was the football goal scoring. One of the children’s favourite thing about the day was having a picnic lunch with her family.

In phonics we have been learning about alternative pronunciations of ch in chips and chord, and ou in loud, you and shoulder. We revised all of our sounds and tricky words we have learned so far. In PSED we have been learning about human growth and change. We drew the life cycle of a human and used our phonics skills to label our drawings. Our caterpillars have all made cocoons but we are a bit worried about one which is in a cocoon but still on the bottom of the butterfly net.