Cygnet News

w/e 24.06.22

We have some visitors in Cygnet class. We received some exciting post in the form of a small parcel. Inside we found a container with 3 tiny caterpillars. We are going to observe them to see how they change. We enjoyed listening to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is a real favourite and some of the children were able to join in with the story on the first reading. One of the children asked does a caterpillar have to turn into a butterfly? Which prompted an interesting discussion where we considered whether the caterpillar could change into something else or could it stay as a caterpillar. In our PSED lessons we have been learning about how human beings change from being babies, infants, boys and girls, teenagers, adults and elderly people. We watched an interesting film about the butterfly life cycle and enjoyed listening to the butterfly life cycle book which one of the children brought in last week.

In Phonics this week we learned about alternative ways of reading sounds in words; u in plug and unicorn, er in hammer and herbs, a in hat and bacon, y in yes and sky and to read tricky words many, laughed, because, different, any, eyes, once and please. Thinking about the boy who liked bumble bees, in The Boy Who Lost His Bumble, we wrote about the things that we love most of all. We learned that bumble bees hatch out of eggs and the larvae spin webs and become pupa in a cocoon before emerging as an adult. Mrs Goodson brought her inspection hive of honey bees in for us to see. We learned that they are very social and live in very big groups compared to the bumble bee. We could see the queen and we talked about the bees all having jobs which help them to live and make honey.

In maths we learned about odd and even numbers and played some games including musical pairs to investigate odd and even numbers.

We learned about the Summer Solstice on Tuesday and discussed about how we know it is summer. At the end of a hot week we read George the Sun Safe Superstar. We learned how to be safe in the sun with the 5 Ss Slip, Slop, Slap, Sunglasses and Shade. We need to cover up, put on suncream, put on a hat, wear sunglasses and keep in the shade particularly between midday and 3 pm when the sun is highest and the UV rays are strongest.