Cygnet News

w/e 17.06.22

This week we started our maths learning about sharing with one of the Cygnets sharing the lovely keyrings he had bought in London as gifts for the class. We sorted them into groups and then the children were each given one. We have done lots of counting this week and we counted out groups of raisins and shared them. We learned that the groups need to equal for the sharing to be fair but sometimes there are some left over as a remainder. We enjoyed listening to the story by Pat Hutchins called The Doorbell Rang which is all about sharing.

Cygnets were very keen to write this week. We started the week with lots of self initiated writing. We continued our learning about The Boy who Lost His Bumble by thinking about what our own bee would be called and what would be special about it. We drew pictures of our bees and wrote sentences about them.

We have been learning about change in our PSED. We talked about seasonal change, and about life cycle of plants and animals. We went out into the school grounds to look for living things. We made lists and drew the things we found. We went into the environmental garden and observed lots of minibeasts. The highlight of the week was to observe the pond habitat. The children were thrilled to find frogs, newts, pond skaters, water boatmen and damselflies. We saw bees collecting pollen and nectar from the marginal flowers. The children were full of awe and wonder when they started pond dipping and were able to see some of the pond creatures up close. One of the children brought in a lovely series of books on different animal life cycles. The children were very eager to hear about the life cycle of the frog. One of the children was very excited to find a tadpole with front and back legs just like we had read in the information book. The children were full of questions about newts so we are looking forward to continuing investigating the pond and learning about the life cycle of the newt.