Cygnet News

w/e 20.05.22

Cygnets used their painting and drawing skills and knowledge of spring flowers to take part in the competition to design a posy for the Queen. Three of the art works were judged to be sent off as the Reception entries. It was very difficult to judge and Mr Suckling, the art coordinator, kindly judged our pictures.

This week we planted nasturtium seeds to make a vertical garden. We planted sunflower seeds which we gathered last Autumn from sunflowers growing in the outside. In our SCARF lessons we have been thinking about the jobs we can do at school and home to be helpful. Looking after our outdoor area and watering our potatoes and seeds is an important job which we have added to our list. We started to set up a role play Garden Centre in the shed.

In phonics we have been learning to read and write words with split digraphs u-e, o-e, a-e, and e-e. We practised writing the tricky words some, come, were and there and using them in sentences. We enjoyed listening to Jack and the Beanstalk and we acted story out as we retold it. We learned how to sequence the story with a story map and we worked in pairs to make our own story maps.

In maths we have been learning about number stories involving adding amounts to groups. We have been sequencing this by thinking what we had then, next and now. We made up sequences around the story Mr Gumpy’s Outing by making boats for teddies and adding more teddies and counting the new total. We also set up groups of farm animals and then secretly adding more and challenging our partner to work out how many were added. We had a lovely surprise of a present of a big tub of wooden bricks. This led to lots of collaborative play and symmetrical building. Ideas about copying models and rotating shapes were further explored following on from last week’s learning.