Cygnet News


The big highlight of the week was the opening of the trim trail. The youngest Cygnet child and the oldest child in the school held the special red ribbon for the countdown. The children had lots of fun trying out their balancing skills on the new trim trail. Everyone enjoyed having their turn and they soon mastered the skill of turning round at the top of the A frame and reversing down. In PE we are doing gymnastics and we learned to jump off apparatus and land safely. We did straight jumps and star jumps. We finished off with doing a sequence of a shape, jump and balance.

The children enjoyed listening to Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. They really enjoyed the visual humour of seeing what happened to the fox as he tried to catch Rosie. We reread the story several times. We also read What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson and then used the ideas we gathered from our visit to Gressenhall, and from reading farm themed stories, to start making our own farm books. We finished off the week with another funny story which we enjoyed called Chickens Can’t by See in the Dark by Krystina Litten. The children enjoyed the alliteration of the carrot feast; “carrot cookies, crispy carrot crunchies…”

In maths we ordered numbers, looked for missing numbers, played number track games involving counting on from numbers within 20 and matching number representations with numerals in bingo. We used our number skills when working in the egg shop and filling different sized boxes with eggs and adding up all the eggs at the end of the day into the egg tray.

There was a lot of creativity with the playdough this week. Volcanoes was a theme which the children revisited. There was a lot of careful mark marking using tools to add details to the models.

We started our learning about growing by planting potatoes. We started by digging out the daffodils and discovered that they grow from bulbs. We dug deep holes and carefully planted the sprouting potatoes. We planted the runner beans which we found from last year’s pods and put the pots in the mini greenhouse. We learned that we need to water the seeds to help them grow.