Cygnet News

w/e 1.4.21

We finished off our learning about numbers to 10 this week. We played a fun number track and dice game to try and be the first to get to 10.

We learned about the order of the planets in the solar system. We made our own planets using different media and hung them up in our space station. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram and looking really carefully at the illustrations to spot the aliens. We finished off our learning about Astro Girl by making shortbread biscuits just like she did in the story. Mrs Swift helped us and very kindly brought her space cutters from home so that we could choose different shapes for our biscuits. They were really yummy and we shared them with Swan Class.

We used our drawing and cutting skills to make lovely Easter cards to share with our families. We printed marbled patterns onto paper using a technique called shaving cream marbling. We dropped drops of ink onto shaving foam, pressed the paper onto the foam and then scraped the foam off quickly with a ruler to make the marble print. We drew carefully around templates of eggs and cut them out carefully. We made a fluffy chick with feathers which hatched out of the big egg.

We enjoyed learning a new skill together when we had a Karate lesson with Matthew. We learned how to stand, bow and punch. We all enjoyed shouting Kiai.

On Friday we wore something funny for April Fools Day. We enjoyed taking part in the activities for our first Platinum Day. Cygnets were really brave independently going to different classes in the school to try lots of fun new activities.