Cygnet News

w/e 25.3.22

This week we have been playing lots of maths games to consolidate our learning. We played a fun treasure hunt game where we had to find hidden items as quickly as we could to fill the tens frames. We played dice games where we had to throw 2 dice and add the totals to see who had thrown the highest number.

Mrs Swift brought some primula for us to plant in our pots. We learned about carefully planting them and watering them to help them grow. We enjoyed the good weather and were able to have story and fruit outside. We enjoyed listening to “Meg on the Moon” by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski. One of the children said it is their favourite book. We learned that the sun is our special star and that planet earth orbits the sun. We learned that earth rotates as it orbits the sun and we acted this out. Some of the children took inspiration from Meg on the Moon and they designed a space buggy from the large blocks. We drew and painted planets which have been added to our space station. We thought about Astrid in Astro Girl and her family and we wrote sentences about the things we like to do with our families. We made cards and wrote messages to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

We learned about keeping safe when we use the internet. We enjoyed watching a film about Jessie and her friends and singing a song which helps us to remember if we see something on a device that makes us feel funny in our tummies we must tell an adult and they will help to sort it out.

In PE we practised the downward dog pose and we used tennis rackets to carefully move a ball along the ground and then we practised rolling the ball to a partner, stopping it and rolling it back.

On Friday it was Wear a Hat Day and we wore our hats and helped to raise money for a brain tumour charity.