Cygnet News

w/e 11.03.22

In our maths we have been practising number bonds to 10 and learning about 3-D shapes. We have learned lots of new vocabulary including cube, cylinder, cuboid, cone, sphere, curved and flat surfaces and face. We have been investigating repeating patterns through drawing, printing and movement. We explored shape in dance with Caroline by making different shapes with our bodies. We went on a shape hunt outside to look for 3D shapes. We looked at a building site and observed 3D shapes. We investigated 3D shapes by printing with them and discovered they made circles, squares and rectangle prints. We listened to an information book about Bear’s Shapes and we investigated patterns and listened to “The Pattern Fish.”

This week we have enjoyed going outside in the warmer Spring weather. Mrs Swift did some gardening with a group of children and they did some weeding and they found some runner bean seeds which had dried out and survived the winter from last year’s bean pods. We put them in a box and will plant them when the weather gets warmer. We enjoyed observing the Spring flowers in our outdoor area and drawing and painting them outside.

When we were tidying up we found an unexpected thank you letter from Penguin. He thanked the children for looking after him, that he was well and he was going home. This sparked a lot of discussion about whether he was real, a robot or if someone, perhaps a magician, had helped him to leave. One of the children concluded emphatically, “Maybe he left because the school was too warm for him. He is real! He had oars in his box and he rowed away.”

We have been learning about safety around medicines as we continue our learning about how to keep our bodies safe. We were fascinated by watching the grass being cut. We observed the things which were keeping the gardener safe while they cut the grass; ear defenders, gloves, boots, high viz jacket.

In phonics we have been reading new tricky words; do, when, out and what and spelling all and her . We enjoyed listening to some more guest readers this week. One of the children brought in a book about influential women on the World Women’s Day. We read her favourite page which was about the fashion designer CoCo Chanel. We learned that she designed the first pyjamas for women. Our rhyme of the week was Baa Baa Black Sheep and we enjoyed singing the Charanga arrangement at the end of the week and doing the glockenspiel accompaniment.

We had fun playing aiming games in PE. Cygnets joined in with a special dance class and did really good listening and joining in dancing to the Encanto song “We don’t Talk About Bruno.”