Cygnet News

w/e 4.02.22

This week we took inspiration from Lost and Found and planned our own lost and found office. We talked about things we have lost and how we feel when we lose things. We thought about the things which get lost in our own homes to include in our role play such as keys, camera, watch and wallet. We practised describing the lost items and how to be a customer and how to be the member of staff. We really enjoyed watching parts of David Attenborough’s 7 Worlds One Planet episode on Antarctica and learning about some of the different animals that live in Antarctica. We learned a new word “extinct” which means that the albatross will die out and one of the children made the link with dodos. In maths we played a ladybird matching game and some children chose to make their own cards with matching pairs. We are beginning to develop strategies to play pairs memory games. On Friday we raised money for the NSPCC when we celebrated Number Day by wearing clothes with numbers on and playing lots of number games. We had a go at guessing the number of cubes in the jar. In phonics we are revising the Phase 3 sounds which we find tricky. We are learning to spell 2 syllable words. We wrote sentences about a town. We are thinking about the importance of having an active body. We have been doing challenges as short movement breaks during the day. We have enjoyed singing Happy and You Know It. We also learned a new song Have a Go to help us remember the importance of just trying and not giving up.