Cygnet News

w/e 21.1.22

This week we have been learning about feelings. We have been learning about words to describe our feelings and that feelings change. In our SCARF lesson we learned about eating healthy foods. We looked at the Eat Well Plate and learned about the importance of eating a balanced diet. We made healthy snacks with our families at home. We went for a walk in the school grounds to identify the colours of Winter. We learned that there are manmade and natural resources in our environment. We observed that the sun had melted some of the ice but objects in the shadow of the school building were still icy. We recorded the colours we observed using colouring crayons. When we went back to the classroom we learned how to make the pale colours we had observed by using white. One of the children brought in a lovely book to share called “Mix It Up” which explained all about colour mixing. We were very surprised to find a bag at the bottom of the field with a box inside. We opened it and found a penguin with a card saying “I am lost. Help me”. We carried our new friend to the classroom and made a plan of how we might help it. Some of the children made it a quiet shelter by the door and the penguin was checked over to make sure it was well. Unfortunately it had a broken wing which had to be bandaged. Some of the children went to the library to find out information about where penguins come from. We learned that they come from the Southern Hemisphere and 7 different kinds live in Antartica. There were lots of penguin paintings made during independent learning. In Maths we have been measuring and we made a measuring station. We started by comparing mass by using balancing scales to find out which objects are heavier and lighter, we learned about capacity and used the words full and empty to describe capacity. In phonics we learned the new phoneme er. We wrote sentences about Woodland animals. We enjoyed listening to rhyming books “Oi Frog” and “Oi Duck Billed Platypus”. We had fun in PE playing games to help develop our skills of turning quickly and changing direction. In music we enjoyed listening to The Jackson Five and learning some dance moves. We sang “Five Little Monkeys” as an action song and then learned how to sing it as a rap.