Cygnet News

w/e 14.1.22

The children were very happy to see each other back at school. We started our learning by discussing our Christmas and New Year celebrations and how we celebrated New Year. We learned that the new year is called 2022 and we made a big 2022 display. The children chose the colours and wanted one of the 2 numerals to be rainbow coloured. We sang the rainbow song and counted the 7 colours and mixed paints to represent each colour. We recalled the word “arc” to describe the shape. In our relaxation we did the rainbow relaxation and traced the arc shape with our hands for each colour as we concentrated on our breathing. We talked about New Year being a time when people think about new things they would like to do. We read The Three Wishes, The Fish Who Could Wish and Freddie and the Fairy. We used our phonics skills to write sentences “I wish for …” on wishing stars. We put on our winter clothes and wellies and went for a walk to observe signs of Winter. The children observed their breath in the cold air, the ice underfoot, their footprints in the ice and the ice on the different surfaces and resources outside. The children were fascinated by the stones and leaves we saw trapped in the ice. We observed the deciduous trees which are nearly all leafless and the evergreen trees and bushes. We learned the rhyme “Rock a by Baby.” We learned a new word “bough”. We and looked at the big silver birch tree trunk and learned that the two boughs emerge from the trunk and then the branches. We went for a second walk to the environmental garden and saw the frozen bird bath and the pond. The children observed how dark it has been on some of the Winter afternoons. We took out our special tent which makes a dark place inside and discussed how the dark makes us feel. The children all loved the darkness inside the tent and it did not make them feel scared. We revised the phonics we have learned so far and learned new trigraphs ear, air and ure. We read Little Pig Figwort who went on adventures. Our values for this month are Resilience and Perseverance we discussed how little pig Figwort was resilient and kept on trying to get to sleep when he was having difficulty. In maths we have been learning about the groups of numbers which make up 5.