Cygnet News

w/e 3.12.21

The children have begun to talk about some of the preparations which are happening at home for Christmas. They were really delighted to discover that the school had been decorated for Christmas. Thank you to the Friends and the parents from Cygnet class who gave their time to make the school look so festive. We enjoyed walking through the school and spotting the decorations. They provided a resource for lots of descriptive language. The children particularly liked the tree and they each described their favourite bauble. This week we have been learning about the story of Christmas. We listened to The Nativity and also Jesus’ Christmas Party by Janet and Allan Aldberg. There was a really lovely collaboration between children who made brick houses and they added them together so that there were neighbours who visited each other. That led to us learning a new rhyme “Who’s that Knocking at the Window” which we will use in our Nativity. We used instruments and did lots of learning around keeping the beat. To celebrate the beginning of Advent we made our own Advent calendar. The children wrapped up chocolate coins and wrote a number on each one to hang on our Advent star. We talked about how we can be kind at home in our families as we prepare for Christmas and have started our Christmas Kindness Countdown. We made our own Christmas decorations to turn our Tree of Wishes into a Christmas tree by painting it green and painting fir cones and dipping them in glitter. We mixed shades of paint we wanted, held the fir cones carefully and turned them carefully to coat them in paint. In our maths we enjoyed learning about adding one more to numbers to make 5 and we sang 5 Elephants Went out to Play and we took 1 away from number from 5 and sang 5 Green Bottles. The children made up their own very creative versions of 5 Green Bottles using resources they found in the classroom. In phonics we have learned new phonemes ng, ai, ee, ie and to read tricky words was and my.