Cygnet News

w/e 26.11.21

This week is Road Safety week. We learned about the people who keep us safe on the roads including crossing patrol widens with their lollipops, road designers, police, paramedics, air ambulance workers and mechanics. The children were intrigued by the idea of road designers. One child built a bridge with different safety features including a slide for children to get down. We learned about crossing the road safely and the 4 important words of Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road holding our adult’s hand. This week we have enjoyed listening to Leafman by Lois Elhert. We enjoyed looking carefully at the pictures and spotted the different characters. We had fun choosing leaves, seeds and sticks to make our own leaf characters outside in the warm sunshine. Some of the children made people and some made animals. We talked about where North, South, East and West are in relation to our classroom. One of the children wanted to know what a prairie is so we did some research on the internet. We learned that they are large flat areas of grass. We learned that prairie dogs live in the prairies of North America one of the children thought they look like Meerkats. We designed picture frames to display the lovely photos of our families. This week in our SCARF lessons we have been learning that our homes are different and some children built houses with bricks and duplo. In maths we have been learning about representing numbers to 5. We made groups of objects 4 and 5, and investigated different ways of making 4 and 5. In our phonics we have been learning about the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng. We practised writing tricky words the and to and we learned to read we, me and be. Our rhyme of the week is Hickory Dickory Dock. We had fun keeping the beat using different actions and parts of our bodies. In PE we are learning about safe spaces and moving safely. The theme for this week was mythical creatures and we had fun moving like unicorns, fairies and dragons.