Cygnet News

w/e 19.11.21

This week is Anti-bullying week and we have been focusing on “one kind word.” We have been learning about being kind and saying kind things to each other. We made a list of kind words we can say. We thought about the squabble that happened in Pumpkin Soup and thought about what we could say to stop the fighting and think of a solution to the problem. One of the boys has been drawing lots of hearts this week and writing messages and one of the girls brought in a message from the tooth fairly on heart shaped paper. So we decided to make a poster to share in Celebration Assembly about being kind and to illustrate our ideas on hearts. In our maths we have been learning about circles and triangles and their properties. We have been drawing round circles and triangles to make pictures. We had fun using Autumn leaves and sticks to make circles and triangles. Afterwards we had fun making “fireworks” by counting down from 10 and throwing leaves into the air. We made obstacle courses with planks, tyres, riverstones and hoops outside and used positional language (in,on, under, through,across,between) to describe our journies. In phonics we have been learning about the sounds y,z and qu and tricky words he and she. In the mornings we have been clapping the syllables in our names and have started to write our surnames too when we self register. We have enjoyed talking about our favourite books we have at home. In SCARF time we have been talking families and have enjoyed sharing photos of our families and thinking about how our families are the same and different. We continued thinking about the theme of families and friends when we did our PE and we followed instructions and did safe stopping.