Cygnet News

w/e 12.11.21

We have been rereading the story Pumpkin Soup. We made puppets and collected props to help us retell the story. We made pumpkin soup “the best you ever tasted”. Some of the children made signs for our soup kitchen and we all had the chance to taste the soup. There were lots of messages written during independent learning this week and we now have a special place in the classroom to leave our messages for our friends. In our Phonics this week we have been learning the new sounds j,v,w and x. The children enjoyed learning an alphabet song to a different tune from the familiar one. In maths we have been learning about sets of numbers to 3. The children really enjoyed listening to the traditional story The Three Little Pigs. We encountered a wolf again when we read Little Red Riding Hood. The children were very interested in learning about Remembrance Day. They all did their best to be quiet for the minute’s silence. They were very excited about buying the Royal British Legion Poppy memorabilia. We learned that the poppies grew in the fields where the soldiers had died and that the poppy is a symbol of hope. The children used their cutting skills to make their own poppies and a group collage. This led us to discuss the importance of peace and what peace looks like at school and at home. We made a list of the things which we can do to be peaceful. We used a new PE scheme of learning this week called GetSet4PE. We had lots of fun learning about being in a safe space while travelling in the hall pretending we were witches on broomsticks and also making potions.