Cygnet News

w/e 21/10/21

We had lots of fun learning the circle game In and Out the Dusty Bluebells to start off our maths pattern work this week. After playing the game we made our own in and out patterns using materials we could find in our environment. This included having fun on the bikes riding in and out of obstacles. We finished off our pattern work by exploring sound patterns with instruments and patterns with number tiles. We have started learning tricky words in our phonics. These are the words we need to know by sight because they cannot be sounded. We are going to display the words on a Tricky Word Tree. We went outside to look at the trees to get inspiration. We explored the trees with our senses and learned that some have thick, wide trunks and some are thin, narrow trunks. We felt the tree bark and found that some have smooth bark and some have thick, lumpy, bumpy, rough bark. When we got back to the classroom we thought about how we could make a brown colour and mixed our own red, yellow and blue paints together to make different shades of brown. We used scrapers, brushes and printing materials to add texture to our bark. We finished our half term with a Spooky Book reading cafe. It was really lovely to be able to have some family fun again in Cygnet class. The children enjoyed listening to “Funny Bones” by Janet and Allan Alhberg, a Cygnet favourite. We then made some funny dog skeleton collages and scary spider with wool wrapping. We recited “The Hairy, Scary Spider” poem together and looked really carefully at the illustrations when listening to “There’s a Ghost in This House,” by Oliver Jeffers. The adults and children all joined in with the hilarious interactive “I Say Boo You Say Who” by John Kane. One of the children very kindly made cakes with her family so the children finished their fun with an unexpected Spooky Cake Cafe. They counted out how many chairs we needed and how many tables and invited a friend to sit with at the Spooky Cake Cafe.