Cygnet News

w/e 15/10/21

This week’s learning started with one of the children bringing a lovely red leaf to share that she had found on a walk with her family at the weekend. We went on a walk outside to look for signs of Autumn. We made a collection of natural materials. We investigated the word “natural” and thought about what it means. We read Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman and realised that things that are natural come from nature and are not made by people. We used the sticks, leaves and fir cones to make repeating patterns in our maths learning. We have been reading Only One You by Linda Kranz. We realised that the fish in the story are made with rocks. We discussed the meaning of the word “wisdom” in the story. One of the children thought that wisdom means to talk. We discussed that it means to think and share ideas. The children said that we use our brains to think. We talked about using our senses to send messages to our brains so that we can learn and think about the world around us. We thought about what could be in a mystery box and listened to the sound it made when it was shaken. We guessed that there were rocks in the box. We looked at them and thought about how they were the same and how they were different. We used our senses of sight and touch to go on a rock hunt so that we could each find a special rock. We described them and added them to our collection. In maths we made patterns with lots of different materials. We used our understanding of pattern to paint our Only One You fish paintings. In phonics we learned new sounds ck,e,u,r and tricky words and, the and to. We were all very brave when we went to get our flu immunisations.