Cygnet News

w/e 1.10.21

This week we looked closely at our faces and talked about how we are the same and how we are different. We drew pictures of ourselves. We talked about the people who are special to us and thought about how our families are similar and also about the differences. We carried on the theme of things that are the same and things that are different in our Maths when we did lots of matching and sorting. We enjoyed investigating our button box and sorting the buttons in lots of different ways by thinking about colour, shape, size and the materials they are made from. We learned new sounds I,n,m, and d and we learned about blending sounds together to make words. We had fun practising forming these letters in foam and with large movements on big paper with chalk and paint. We observed the heavy rain and the wind. Two of the sunflowers were blown over and we talked about the thick, rough stems and observed the seed heads. We had lots of fun with the dinosaurs and they had adventures in a mud volcano, dinosaur museum and a dinosaur hotel.