Cygnet News

w/e 24.9.21

We have been learning about mixing colours so that we can record our observations with paint. We learned about mixing blue and yellow to make green and yellow and red to make orange for painting sunflowers.  We read non-fiction books “Seeds” and “The life cycle of the Sunflower” and learned a new word “pollination.”  We observed sunflower seeds and also seeds in our fruit.  We started to talk about where our food comes from.  We collected food to add to the Harvest table for the Harvest assembly.  We enjoyed learning the action rhyme Oats and Beans and Barley Grow.  We thought about what we would need to do to make a good handprint for a special project.  We have been listening to sounds in our environment.  We made up silly alliteration sentences with the first letter of our names.  We learned about reading and writing the sounds s,a,t and p.  We are learning to say our sounds with pure sounds.  We enjoyed doing our relaxation outside on Friday and we listened and joined in with the Gruffalo outside.