Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today is the first of April. Yesterday was the last day in the month of March and today we start a new month called April. I wonder if we have any birthdays in April? The first of April is also known as April Fools Day. On April Fools Day people play fun little tricks on each other and tell jokes until 12 noon. So you can see if you can make your family laugh until lunchtime and then have a nice calm afternoon.

Today you might like to investigate how many different ways you can make 10 with this ladybird activity. You can print it or make your own by drawing ladybirds and drawing some dots on one wing and enough dots on the other to make ten and then writing the number sentence eg 2+8=10. You may like to do this with chalks outside, to use finger paints or collage.

Thinking about What the Ladybird Heard, you could go on a sound walk and draw and write about 3 things you hear and the noise that they make.

Some of you have been enjoying reading ebooks on the Oxford Owls website. Here is the school library service information about ebooks and audio books.