Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

It is great to see that some of you have enjoyed doing the duplo rainbow activity. I am aware that some of you are missing your friends and some of you have come up with the lovely idea of sending letters and pictures to each other. Another idea I have heard of today is making a wishes jar. Draw or write the activity you would like to do, but are unable to currently, and put it in your wishes jar so that you can plan for when we can move around freely again.

Today you can practise forming the “ar” digraph. You can trace it with your finger and then write it in sand, rice, flour, water and brushes on the pavement, paint or pencil and paper. Then read the “ar” words. Choose 2 words and write a sentence with each.

I hope that you are enjoying the EYFS White Rose maths challenges. You can listen to Julia Donaldson telling the story “What the Ladybird Heard” and join in with making the noises the animals make at