Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today we will start our learning by looking different castles and learning the names for the different parts of a castle.

Your next challenge is to label the parts of a castle. You can do this by pointing to the screen or by printing the picture and cutting and sticking the labels or copying the words to make your own labels:

Your Phonics challenge today is to read the story, circle the words with the “ng” digraph and record them in a list. How many can you find?

Your first number challenge for today is to practise writing numbers 0-20. Remember to take your time, look carefully at the number does it have straight lines, curved lines or both, each number starts at the top and make sure you write it the correct way round.

Today’s White Rose Maths activities are for Week 8 Day 4. Today you will be making numbers tracks using toilet paper!

Your next challenge is to practise sequencing numbers. You can record the sequences on paper or print the worksheet:

For an extra challenge have a go at sequencing numbers beyond 20. What number do you think you can get up to?

Your last challenge today is to listen to the story Hector and the Bad Knight. It is the story of a little boy who is not very strong but he is very determined to help his Granny find her wand. He goes off on his adventure with 3 important things tied up in his hanky. I wonder what 3 things you would take with you if you were Hector?