Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Your first challenge is to make yourself a wizard’s hat or a princess’s crown to go to Elisa’s party.

Your next challenge is to practise writing the days of the week. You can do this on paper or use this worksheet:

Today’s White Rose maths is Week 7 Day 4. You will be counting to make potions and investigating halving.

You might like to write your potion down in a potion bottle. You can draw your own bottle or use this example:

Your next challenge is to make a potion. Listen carefully to the instructions as your adult reads them.

Talk about what you see happening. Here are some questions you can think about:

If you are feeling brave you might like to practise halving by feeding the monsters. You could make 2 monsters, 2 plates and play dough food, or draw the monsters, plates and food. Here are the instructions:

Your last task is to listen carefully to Ten Little Princesses. Tell someone about your favourite part of the story.

Ten little princesses