Cygnet Home Learning


In the story of the Princess and the Wizard, Princess Elisa is 7 years old. Today’s first task is to design a party invitation for a 7 year old. It can be for a boy or a girl. They may even be a prince or a princess. Remember to write your letters as carefully as you can so that other people can read your writing. Then you can decorate your invitation. You can do this with paper and pencil or print this template.

Your next challenge is to practise writing the days of the week.

Can you draw a birthday cake with 7 candles. How many different ways can you group the candles on the cake? Record the groups by drawing or write them down as number calculations eg 1+6=7, 2+3+2=7 etc.

Today’s White Rose Maths is Week 7 Day 3. You will be counting and making up spells.

Your last task is to find a comfy place to sit for a story. Today you need to sit really still and really quietly. Listen carefully and look carefully at the pictures. Tell someone what you think might happen next.