Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today’s adventure starts with a trail. You can trace the trail on your screen or print it out.

In the Snail and the Whale the tiny snail had a good idea. It wrote a message on the blackboard saying “Save the Whale” to get the children in the school to help the whale. If you were the snail what message would write? Say it out loud and then write it down. Remember you can use your word books to help you.

Your next challenge starts with Henry’s amazing snail collection. Look at the collection. What can you see? I can see a big snail, can you find another big snail? I can see a stripy snail, can you find another stripy snail? Why are the others not the same? If you were to sort them how would you sort them? Can you record with a drawing how you would sort them and label your groups.

Can you guess my snail? It is not the smallest. It is not the biggest. It has stripes. The snail is not hiding. Which one am I? Now can you choose a snail and make up some clues. Ask someone to find it.

How many snails can you see? I can see 8 snails. What groups can you see? How many groups can you see to make 8. Can you record your groups ? (1 + 2 +4 +1=8, 2 big+ 6 small 2+6=8, 7 or one side of the leaf line and 1 on the other 7+1=8…..) I wonder how many groups you found?

In today’s White Rose Maths you will be investigating higher and lower.