Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Let’s start our learning today with a song. Join in singing There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden with Mr Tumble and see if you can sign along too.

Next you might like to make yourself a wiggly woo to wiggle while you sing the song.

Your rhyme challenge for today can be done on paper or print it off.

Superworm was a very helpful character in the story he rescued baby toad, helped cheer up the bored bees and rescued beetle from the well. He was a good character who got on well with others. This video tells us about helping others.

Can you think of 3 things that you can do to get on with other people. Can you draw a picture of each and write a sentence under each. Remember a sentence needs to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop, You can use your wordbooks to help you.

Today in your maths you will be making a shop that sells minibeasts.