Cygnet Home Learning


Good morning Cygnets

Yesterday I went into school and spotted that our sweet pea plants were growing really well. They had grown more sets of leaves and there were twisty spiral tendrils coming out of the top of them. So I planted them into a big pot outside. The spirals made me think of the spiral shapes we saw on the snail shells when Claire visited us during science week and she told us a story about snails. I bought a really lovely book called “Swirl by Swirl” which I can share with you through You tube at which you can copy and paste into google. You could have a go at making spiral patterns in different ways by taking a length of rope or string investigating how you can make it fit into a smaller space by making it into a spiral, move a stick round and round in a puddle or bucket of water, tie a ribbon onto the end of a stick and twirl it round or hold the end of a thin scarf and make a spiral shape. You could make a collection of stones and arrange them into a spiral shape. What happens when you use small stones or big stones? You could draw spiral shapes of different sizes with chalk and colour between the lines. You could cut out a spiral pattern by printing off this spiral.

You can do some more pattern work with these Spring pictures. You can use the worksheet or you may choose to draw your own pictures and decorate them with patterns.