Cygnet Home learning


Dear Cygnets

We will start our learning today by listening to Will Mabbit read the book “I Can Only Draw Worms”. He is the author and the illustrator of the book which means that he wrote it and he drew the pictures. What do you think it will be about? Do you think it will be a story or an information book? I think you will enjoy it.

You will be drawing worms in today’s White Rose Maths lesson.

Your next challenge is to design a superhero costume for Superworm. You can do this with junk modelling, play dough, pipe cleaners, a stick, or you might like to draw.

Superworm is a rhyming story. Your next challenge is a rhyming challenge. You can look at it here and print it off or write your list on a piece of paper. Remember to say the words out loud, sound them and then write them.

Have a look at your wormery. Can you see any changes? If so draw and write them into your diary for day 2. You might like to look at this speeded up diary film taken over 20 days.