Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

We are going to continue our learning about minibeasts this week by learning about worms. We are going to start our learning by listening to Superworm by Julian Donaldson. Listen carefully to the story and see if you can join in with the refrain. When you have finished listening retell the story to someone in your own words.

You might like to make Superworm out of play dough. What can you use to make the segment patterns on his body? Can you show how strong he is by making him balance a stone? Choose some other skills your Superworm can do such as the swing, hula hoop, the slide, the fairground ride, the belt, the hat, the drone, the train , the acrobat. Can you make up one of your own?

Your next challenge is to go outside and see if you can find some worms. Where do you think would be a good place to look for worms? Where do you think they live? You can try digging in your garden. You can jog on the spot on grass for a while with a helper and the worms will come up to the surface.

Your next challenge is to make a wormery for your worms to live in. You will need a large glass jar or you can cut the top off of a plastic 2 litre lemonade bottle, sand, soil, a little water and food such as leaves. Here is a video to help you get started.

Here are some ideas of food your worms might like.

During the next few weeks you could keep a wormery diary. You could draw a picture and label it, on your first page, to explain how you made your wormery.

Today’s White Rose Maths Lesson is Week 5 Day1. Today’s activities are about pattern making.