Cygnet Home Learning


Listen to the story Aaaaaggghhh Spider! again. The spider wants to show the family that he is not really scary. He wants them to see all the good things that he can do. Listen for the repeated words, “Look at me. Watch me … ” They are repeated throughout the story.

Think about all the good things that you can do. What would you do to show everyone that you are not scary. Draw a picture and write a sentence underneath. You might like to start it with the words “Look at me. Watch me ….” You can do this on paper or use this example. For an extra challenge you could make up a book of things which you can do.

Your next challenge is for the brave. Here is a scary spider poem for you to listen to. Listen again and look at the words. Can you read the words at the end of each line. Have a go at reading the whole poem yourself.

Today’s White Rose Maths lesson is Week 4 Day 4. You will be practising doubling and halving.

You might like to finish with this spider web challenge. You can do this using this worksheet or you could go big and copy it outside with chalks and join the dots with chalk or water and paint brush, or you could copy it onto a piece of cardboard or paper plate and add holes and order the numbers using wool or string…