Cygnet Home Learning


Today your first challenge is to go on a spider hunt. Where do you think will be a good place to find spiders inside? Where do you think you might look outside? What do you think you might look for as a clue that there might be a spider nearby? How are the spiders you find the same? What makes them different? Can you record what you found on a piece of paper and label it.

Your next activity is to enjoy listening to the story Aargh Spider by Lidia Monks. You might see some pages which have pictures which remind you of some of the places and spiders you saw on your spider hunt. Listen carefully and retell the story to someone using your own words.

Aaaarrggh, Spider!

At the beginning of the story the characters are scared of the spiders. We all have things which we find scary. Next we are going to learn about some things we can do to feel brave.

What do you find scary? What do you do when you feel scary? What helps you to feel better when you feel scared? Take a photo of you doing your brave pose.

Today’s White Rose Maths activities are from Week 4 Day 3. Today you will be playing a beetle drive game and using tens frames to make up your own Incy Wincy Spider number stories.

Your next challenge is to help write the Incy Wincy Spider rhyme. Unfortunately some of the words are missing. Use the clues and see if you can write the rhyme. You can write it out on paper or print it out. Have a look at the 2 pages on your screen.

Your next challenge is to make your own Incy Wincy Spider interactive picture or display. You might like to use junk modelling to make Incy Wincy, a tube for him to slide down, a sun to add to your display and some rain drops.