Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

This week we are going to be learning about butterflies and we will be using the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar to start our learning. This is a story which many of you will know and some of you will have a copy of at home. You can listen to the story here read by Eric Carle who is the author of the story and he also illustrated it. Listen to the story and then retell someone the story in your own words.

Your next challenge is to go out into your garden and go on a caterpillar hunt. Where do you think would be a good place to look for caterpillars? What signs do you think you may find which give you clues that caterpillars might have been on some of your plants? What other animals can you see? Draw a picture of at least 3 of the animals you see and label them with words to describe them. You might use words to describe what you see like spiky, fluffy, dotty; how the creatures move wriggly, curly, bendy, and you might use words to describe their colour.

Today your White Rose Maths Lesson is Summer Week 3 Lesson 1. You will be thinking about circles. You might like to do some shape naming and colouring

Your next challenge is to make some play dough which you can use during the week and you will need for Friday’s maths challenge. You will be using it to make caterpillars so have a think about the colour you might make it.

Now we will finish with a song which you might like to learn this week.

There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf song