Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets,

I hope that you are ready for today’s challenges.

Shall we start with an action song? Like all good pirates a shanty will help to get the work done.

Today you are going to be making a pirate ship in the White Rose week 2 day 4 activities. Can you remember the St George cross? It is an example of a symmetrical flag. If you were to cut it down the middle it will be the same on both sides. Here is an example which will help you to understand. You can print this out, you can draw the squares onto paper or you could use lego or wooden bricks to work it out.

At the beginning and end of The Night Pirates there is a repeated refrain; “Down, down, down the dark, dark street they came, quiet as mice, stealthy as shadows. Up, up, up the dark, dark house they climbed, stealthy as shadows, quiet as mice.” The words down and up are opposites, down is the opposite of up. Here is a challenge can you match the opposites? You can print this off or just read the screen and write the opposites together on a piece of paper.

Your last challenge is to practise writing some tricky words. You can work on this over the next few days. Again you can print this off or read from the screen and practise writing them. You could even make your own pirate book to write them in with your own pictures.

I have seen some photos of Cygnet pirates who may be getting ideas into their heads, now that you are good at making flags and drawing treasure maps, of setting sail on the salty sea. So just incase I think you should finish today’s challenges by watching what happened to Jeremy Jacobs when he became a pirate!