Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

I thought you might like an update from the Cygnet garden. The tulips are now in full bloom and looking really beautiful. I wonder if you managed to guess the colour of the blooms?

I have watered the tomato pots in our greenhouse. Francesca and Elias have a tiny little seedling emerging in their pots. So I am hoping that we will see some more over the next few weeks. It all depends on how warm and sunny it is. The weather forecast seems to be wet today but a little hopeful it will be warmer than yesterday. I hope that you enjoy doing the pirate dancing, posted on Tuesday, if you are stuck inside today because of the weather.

You might like to start today’s learning with listening to this different telling of The Night Pirates. It shows the illustrations really well and might give you some inspiration for today’s challenges.

Today you will be organising a treasure hunt with the White Rose Day 3 activities. So you might like to make a pirate boat out of a cardboard box or if you ask an adult politely they may let you set sail in a washing basket. You could choose some shipmates from your toy collection to take with you on your adventure. Who will you choose? What does a good pirate look like? Should they be big or small? Will they be tough or timid? Will they be strong or weak? Will they be clever or not? Each pirate will need a passport. You can make your own on paper or print this example

Your next challenge is reading words with the “ure” trigraph