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Ahha me hearties

I hope you are enjoying the pirate theme to this week. Today you will be walking the plank with White Rose maths Week 2 Day 2 activities.

You can listen to the story The Troll by Julia Donaldson where the troll has to walk the plank. Find out what happens here

In the story The Night Pirates the shadows looked like they could be monsters, trolls or ogres. Do you remember the troll in the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story. Are trolls always good characters or bad? Your next challenge is to make a troll. You can choose to draw, paint, collage, use recycled materials or dress one of your toys up. Where might it live? What does it eat? What does it do?

Your next challenge is to practise writing the ‘ure’ trigraph. This is the sound we say in cure, pure and sure. A trigraph is where 3 letters work together to make one sound.

If you are feeling in a funny old mood today and wanting to cheer up then a pirate dance will do the trick. You can dance along or make up your own dances to the music.