Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

It is good to see you enjoying the Supertato activities.

Today you can listen to the story Supertato Evil Pea Rules.

The Evil Pea has to be stopped! Have you seen him? What does he look like? What colour is he? How big is he? What does he wear? What is he like: good, bad, mean, polite, sweet, kind, nasty, spiteful? Should members of the public go near him? Your challenge is to warn everyone by making a wanted poster. Make sure you draw and describe him well! Use the template below or make up your own poster.

Today is another special day in the year it is the 23rd of April, St George’s Day. Saint George is the patron saint of England. The story of St George is a very old story and has been retold by lots of different people. So there are lots of different versions which means that there are differences in the stories. In some stories the dragon lives on a mountain, in a cave or in a lake. The ending is different too in some stories the dragon lives and becomes good and in others St George kills the dragon. But in all the stories the dragon is bad like the Evil Pea and St George is good and tries to help to solve problems a bit like Supertato. You can watch a version of the story here:

Your next challenge is to look very carefully at St George’s shield. It has a special cross on it. Some of you may have seen this before when the English football or rugby teams are playing. Your challenge is to make a flag or some bunting with the cross of Saint George on. You might like to display it in your window.