Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today it the Queen’s birthday. She has 2 birthdays and celebrates her actual birthday today and then her official birthday, because she is the Queen, is on Saturday the 13th June.

So to celebrate you might like to organise a party for your toys and choose one of them to be a king or queen. You might like to write a list of toys to invite, make an invitation and some little crowns for your toys. I wonder how you will decorate your party invitations?

It is great to see how much you are enjoying the White Rose Supertato activities. I know that some of you are real fans so here are some more challenges you might like to work on over this week.

Some of you have enjoyed reading the story from a book and some of you have watched it on the internet. So today’s phonic challenge is to read words with the er digraph. Remember to use your phonic fingers on your left hand as you say the sounds and then blend them together.

You might like to be a superhero and find the missing numbers in this next activity and write them.