Cygnet Easter Learning

Dear Cygnets

Some of you have been enjoying worksheet work and might like to try these activities over the holiday.

You might like to make an Easter card using some of these ideas. You might like to add texture to the egg by drawing patterns with wax crayons and then painting over the top diluted paint.

You may like to make some biscuits following this easy recipe.

More worksheet work can be found free on the Twinkl website look under EYFS. Activity village also has free worksheets.

There are some really good fun phonics and reading games on Teach Your Monster To Read. There is a link to the site on the home page. You might like to try these if there is a rainy day.

Remember to be kind, smile, listen and to share a book each day and talk about what you have read. Oxford Owls is a good resource for reading material if you need more.

Have a lovely Easter with your families.