Cygnet Class Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today is the last day of our learning about spiders. I can see from all the photographs that you have sent that you have enjoyed this learning. So today we will start with looking at a picture of a spider which was drawn over 100 years ago by a famous artist called Odilon Redon. Look carefully. What shapes can you see? Can you see any straight lines or curved lines? How many legs does the spider have? Why do you think it is grinning? How does the picture make you feel?

Your next challenge is to draw or paint your own spider. I want you to use your imagination. There are lots of different kinds of spiders; wolf spiders, jumping spiders, zebra spider, camel spiders, red backed spiders, Goliath bird eating spiders and little ones which we call money spiders to name but a few. So you need to decide what your spider will look like; its size and colour. What it can do, it might have a special power, and what you will call it.

Today’s spider web challenge is to order the letters of the alphabet. You can choose whether you want to copy this onto the pavement with chalks, use cardboard and string, to go big or to download this worksheet.

Your next challenge is to share this poem with an adult and then have a go at reading it yourself. Then you can colour your own one.

Today’s maths lesson is White Rose Maths Week 4 Day 5. You will be using words to describe where the spider is. You might like to practise positional language with this last activity. You can look at the screen and write the sentence on paper.