Cygnet Class

w/e 14.5.21

This is mental Health Week.  We have been eating our fruit mindfully by using our senses and taking our time to eat a small piece of fruit at each fruit time.  We tried this with tomatoes and afterwards everyone said that they liked tomatoes even the children who thought they did not like them.  We have learned a new song 1,2,3 It’s Good to be Me.  We have been discussing about what makes us special and talking about what we like and don’t like.  We  started doing a daily track time where we run at least 3 times around the track to help our fitness.  On Friday we learned that there are different kinds of milk.  We had a tasting of a range of milks including plant based milks.  We talked about whether we liked them or not.

We finished reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  We discussed the characters and the motivations for what they did.  We had interesting discussions about whether Jack was right to steal the gold from the giant or not.  We finished off retelling the story in dance.

In maths we are learning about subtraction using the first, then now model.  We had fun playing the pebble game with tens frames.

On Friday we had a visit from our local MP Jerome Mayhew. He handed out merit certificate the certificates for participation in NSPCC Number Day.