Cygnet Class

w/e 23.4.21

This week we started learning about Growing. We went for a walk in the school grounds to look at the signs of Spring and to see what is growing in our environment. We started to prepare for growing seeds by washing pots. This led to lots of self initiated water play. We listened to Daisy’s Giant Sunflower and learned about the life cycle of the sunflower. We chose different varieties of sunflower seeds, planted them and put them in our mini greenhouse outside. We learned that seeds need warmth, light, soil, water and time to grow into healthy plants. We enjoyed learning a new action song about a tiny seed growing. We played a fun game with Mr Newsome about Jack and the Beanstalk where we had to balance, jump and travel with golden eggs. We really enjoyed our first dance lesson with Caroline. We put on our space suits and took off in our rockets to the moon. In phonics we are learning to read and write CVCC words eg tent. In maths we have been playing games ordering numbers to 20.