Cygnet Class

w/e 26.3.21

This week we have continued our book study and learned more about the character Astrid.  We thought about what we would like to tell her about ourselves and we recorded this information in writing.  In PE we moved in different ways between planets launching and touching down.  We made jet packs with recycled materials and enjoyed playing with them outside as we shot off to the space station.  We talked about astronauts having to eat different kinds of food when they are in space.  We enjoyed doing a fruit tasting with Mr Newstead.  We had to close our eyes and guess the fruits.  It was really challenging when we tasted up to 4 fruits at one time and we had to really concentrate to think about what they might be.

We listened to the Easter story and talked about how we will be celebrating Easter with our families.  We made observational paintings of daffodils for our Easter cards.  We discussed the parts of the daffodil the petals, stem, leaves, roots and how the plant grows from a bulb.  Some of the children dressed up for the Easter theme and some dressed down for Friday.  One of the Cygnet children dressed as the Easter Bunny and thoughtfully shared Easter treats with the class.  The Easter fun continued when we had a surprise visit from Mistletoe the Easter Bunny.  Miss Collier showed us different sized eggs and we learned that different birds lay different sized eggs.  We had great fun doing an Easter egg hunt.