Cygnet Class

w/e 12.3.21

It is really lovely to welcome all Cygnets back to school this week and to meet a new member of the class.  Our curriculum over the next few weeks is going to be based on wellbeing with the SMILE model.  SMILE stands for socialise, move, interest, learn and engage.  We are making a wall display to record these opportunities. 

This week it is Science week and we started our learning by doing a virtual visit to Wroxham Barns to learn about the animals which are due to have young this Spring.  Firstly we thought about the invention of the wheel and thought about a bus might move if it did not have wheels.  We drew pictures, did paintings and built models of our inventions.  We role played going on a bus journey and sang The Wheels on the Bus.  Ben took us on a tour and we were able to ask questions at the end of the tour.  When we got back to the classroom we visited the bank and got money so that we could buy a bookmark souvenir to remember our visit to Wroxham Barns.  We went for a bug hunt outside and talked about the minibeasts we found and where we found them.  We drew pictures and made models of  minibeasts.  We thought about what a real scientist might look like and them joined a meeting with a scientist.