Cygnet Class

w/e 14.10.22

We started our week with a new chalkboard in the outside area. A big thank you to Merida’s family for providing the marine ply. The children have had lots of fun using it and it has created lots of opportunities for communication. One of the children drew a picture which was continued down onto the playground and round the playground inspiring a treasure hunt game. On Monday Cygnets did brilliantly well taking part in the sponsored run. The dark clouds of the morning cleared and we ran round the track in sunshine and a clear blue sky. Some of the Cygnets managed to run a full mile which is very impressive. We all kept moving for 15 minutes.

We continued our learning about Stanley’s Stick this week by making a group stick safety poster. Lots of the children had great ideas about how to use sticks safely. Then we made a poem together describing a stick. We have now started to read the first pages of the story. In our phonics we have be building, reading and writing more words using the sounds i,t,a,s and m. We also learned about the capital T and S at the beginning of the names Tim and Sam.

In maths we have been comparing sizes. We learned that it is important that we measure from the same starting point when comparing objects. We made picnics for Hedgie, Hoglet, Little Bird and Dino making sure they got the correct sized plates, bowls, spoons and cups. The children enjoyed playing with this in the continuous provision. We used vocabulary of short, tall and shorter and taller to describe the towers we built. We talked about long, short and longer, shorter when comparing ribbons. We enjoyed listening to the story A New House for Little Mouse by Petr Horacek. In the story the apple gets smaller and the mouse investigates animal homes with doors which are bigger than hers. We made houses for little mouse using wooden bricks. The houses had to be tall and wide enough. We read Dear Zoo. We have also been learning a new counting song 1, 2, 3 Little Acorns.