Cygnet Class

w/e 07.10.22

This week we started our learning around the story “Stanley’s Stick” by Neal Layton. We went outside to look for sticks. We thought of a range of different words to describe our sticks including rough, smooth, curvy, like a slide, long and short.

In our phonics lessons we have been learning about environmental sounds and listening for the beginning sounds in words and matching things that being with the same sound. This week we started learning about reading and writing whole words. We built, wrote and read the words mat, sat, sit.

In maths we have been sorting and matching shapes and colours. We listened to the story “The Button Box” by Margarette Reid. We played matching games matching buttons by size and also by shape. We learned that a pair has 2 items which are the same. We played lotto matching games. We sorted our collection of Autumn seeds into different types. We made play dough and investigated lavender seeds by stripping them off stems and kneading them into the dough. Everyone who came into our room remarked on the lovely scent. One of the children remarked that they liked the smell of the lavender “It smells nice. It makes you fall asleep as well and sometimes you can put it in cakes.”

Some of the children have enjoyed finding worms in our digging area. We listened to Yucky Worms by Vivian French and most of the children decided that worms are not yucky but are useful in the garden.

Cygnets had great fun doing the basketball taster session with Clare. They listened well to the her instructions and enjoyed playing the warm up stop start games, grab the ball game and dribbling the ball round the cone.