Cygnet Class

w/e 30.09.22

We talked about our class rules and particularly how it is really important that we talk to an adult if there is a problem which we cannot sort out ourselves. We talked about who our trusted adults are at home and at school. We recorded our trusted adults on a hand outline to make a class display to remind us of the people who care for us. We started a new routine of the special day person who helps out with jobs in the class to help the day to run smoothly. One of the jobs is to look after the Now and Next board so that everyone knows about our daily timetable. We have started to talk about the days of the week and what day it is.

The children are beginning to notice seasonal change while out playing on the field. Pockets are being filled with acorns. One of the children asked, “Why do acorns grow?” We all went outside to look for Autumn seeds and enjoyed making collections. The sunflowers are beginning to come to the end of their cycle and we enjoyed listening to “Daisy’s Giant Sunflower” by Emma Damon. We talked about how resilient Daisy is and that she does not give up planting her sunflower even though she faces problems. We read an information book about sunflowers and learned that the sunflower seeds start to ripen and then the sunflower dies. We observed the sunflower heads and saw that you can now see the seeds on some of them. We looked really carefully at some sunflowers, mixed blue and yellow to make different shades of green and created observational paintings of the sunflowers. One of the sunflower stems broke and we talked about how tall it was. We compared our heights talking about taller and shorter when we discovered the height chart at the end of Daisy’s Giant Sunflower. We went to our first assembly on Friday when we joined the rest of the school to celebrate Harvest .