Cygnet Class

w/e 28.5.21

We had some exciting visitors to school.  Mr Goodson brought in her incubator and we watched hen chicks hatching.  We watched in wonder as the chicks hatched in the incubator by pecking through the shells with their egg tooth.  It took a long time for the chicks to peck through the shells.  We learned that the incubator kept the eggs warm and humid so that the shells were not too hard.  We held the chicks very gently and they felt soft and fluffy.  This prompted some self-initiated learning with models being made of chick families using mobilo and also recording observations with drawing and writing. In maths we have been learning about combining shapes to make new shapes. We reused milk bottles as planters for sowing nasturtium seeds so that we can make a vertical garden. We harvested our pea sprouts and enjoyed tasting them during our mindfulness session.